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Farm Bingo: A Game on Vocabulary, Descriptions, & Actions (Spanish)

Farm Bingo: A Game on Vocabulary, Descriptions, & Actions (Spanish)


One look at these farm images, and you will fall in love. Have fun with this cute and interactive farm-themed Bingo activity that teaches vocabulary, description, and actions to Spanish-speaking students. 

How to: Randomize the Bingo Cards. Bingo Cards ask question(s) and your students respond with the correct answer. If they respond correctly and have the same animal as the Bingo Card, then they place a Bingo Chip on their sheet.  


  • Bingo Chips & Bingo Chip Holder
  • 9 Bingo Sheets (3 focusing on Description, 3 focusing on Actions, 3 focusing on a combination)
  • 22 Bingo Cards 

BONUS: You can involve your student's family with your work by giving them (2) carryover assignments that they can do and finish at home.


  • Resource Specs

    Subject: Spanish, Speech Therapy, Special Education, General Education

    Grade Levels: All Grades

    File Type: PDF (34 MB | 28 pages)

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