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Board Game: First One to the Beach! (Spanish)

Board Game: First One to the Beach! (Spanish)


This resource is engaging for students of all ages and skill levels! Whether you're doing an individual session or a group session with multiple students, this board game provides flexibility for SLPs to work on a variety of skills and skill levels targeted within a session (e.g. pragmatics, articulation, receptive/expressive language).


KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED as they try to avoid landing on the "Go Back" boxes; KEEP THEM MOTIVATED as they move closer to the beach. 


A great component to add to any session! You can use this board game however way your creativity allows. Let this resource open your students' imagination, explore your creativity, and put everyone to the test as to whom will be the "First One to the Beach!"



  • "Spanlsh" boxes can be anything you want it to be - an extra turn, advance 5 steps, etc. 
  • Resource Specs

    Subject: Spanish, Speech Therapy, Special Education, General Education

    Grade Levels: All Levels

    File Type: PDF (5.8 MB | 1 page)

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